Cleaning a firearm – The “correct” way



1 –ALWAYS point the firearm in a safe direction

2 – Check to see that the firearm is not loaded

3 – Strip the firearm accordingly

4 – Clean off all working parts with a good quality gun solvent and oil lightly with a good gun oil.


A.Using a DRY phosphor bronze (PB) brush, push the dry brush through the dry barrel from the breech to the muzzle only, unless action type precludes this, in which case brush in one direction from the muzzle. (NEVER put solvent on the PB brush)

Run the PB brush through the barrel about 6 times.

B.Run a loose dry patch through to pick up any loosened residue.

C.Wet a nylon bristle (NB) brush or swab thoroughly with nitro /copper solvent and swab/wet the barrel thoroughly. Never dip the NB brush into your bottle of solvent, always pour some into a flat dish and dip the brush/swab into the dish.

D.Let the solvent sit for approximately 30 min in the barrel. Lie the barrel flat for 15 minutes and then turn it over for a further 15 minutes or stand the barrel facing down.

E.Push a clean dry patch on a brass jag through the barrel, do this several times. If the barrel is still dirty, repeat steps A to E until the barrel in absolutely clean.

F.Run a slightly oiled patch through the bore and then reassemble the firearm, and wipe off all the metal parts with an oily rag. Do not put excessive oil on the firearm, especially on rifles and shotguns with wooden stocks as it will run down into the stock and over time, soften and discolour the wood.

G.It is good practice to occasionally rub a wooden stock with something like linseed oil. Put a few drops in the palm of your hand, rub hands together and then rub thoroughly into the stock.


A.When storing your firearms (Rifles and Shotguns) in a safe always store them with barrel facing down, resting on a carpet or a piece of wood.

B.Never store a firearm in your safe in a bag. Bags are inclined to collect moisture and this could cause corrosion on your firearm or mar the wood.

C.It is advisable to purchase a small good quality dehumidifier for inside your safe or a larger model for inside a walk in safe. This is very important in areas with high humidity.

D.Look after your firearm and it will give you years of service – trouble free

E.We will gladly check your firearm, free of charge, if brought in to our shop and then give you a report on the condition.