How to obtain a firearm

1. The first step is to select an Accredited Service Provider to obtain the necessary Proficiency Certificate required by doing the Unit Standard for the type/s of firearm/s required


2. We offer this service and the procedure is as follows:

a. Call in and see us to obtain the necessary documents required.
b. Pay for the Unit Standards that have been selected. (Details below)
c. The documents are then taken home to do the necessary studying and a little “Homework” which comprises of a test based on your study material.(Open book test)
d. Call us when “C” above has been attended to and you will then be booked on the next available session.
e. On this specific day you will spend a few hours with us when a further test will be undertaken (Closed book) and you will then be taken to the shooting range to do the required shooting test. We supply the firearms and the ammunition.
f. Once all the above has been completed successfully you will be given the Proficiency Certificate/s for the Unit Standards completed.

3. The Unit Standards for the average firearm owner are:

a. 119649 Handle and Use a Handgun (Pistol & Revolver)
b. 119650 Handle and Use a Self Loading Rifle or Carbine (HMC)
c. 119651 Handle and Use a Manually Operated Rifle or Carbine (Bolt/Lever Action)
d. 119652 Handle and Use a Shotgun
e. 117705 Knowledge of the Act

4. Additional Unit Standards that can be obtained are: (Prices obtained on request)

a. 123511 Handle and Use a Self-loading Rifle or Carbine for Business Purposes
b. 123514 Handle and Use a Shotgun for Business Purposes.
c. 123515 Handle and Use a Handgun for Business Purposes.
d. 123519 Handle and Use a Manually Operated Rifle or Carbine for Business Purposes.
e. 123516 Supervise Shooting Exercises (Range Officer)
f. 243200 Handle and Use a Muzzle-loading Firearm.

5. Our charges are as follows:

a. Unit Standard 117705 “Knowledge of the Act” (Compulsory) R450.00
b. 1st. Unit Standard R550.00
c. 2nd. Unit Standard R450.00
d. 3rd. Unit Standard R450.00
e. 4th. Unit Standard R450.00

6. When doing the proficiency test with us you will be required to:

a. Bring with you two Certified Copies of you National Identity Document. (ID) Please note that certification must be done on the front of the page and MUST be original (NO photocopies)
b. Complete all the necessary documents required by SASSETA
c. Complete the closed book test.
d. Shoot the firearms for which you require your proficiency. Note: The shooting is not a test of your ability to shoot, but rather a test of your knowledge of the firearm and the safe handling thereof.

7. It must be noted that the Proficiency Test for the required Unit Standard is only done once and thus it is a lifetime certificate. This certificate must not be handed to anyone under any circumstances. Make copies thereof and have them certified by a Commissioner of Oaths.

The next step after obtaining the required Proficiency Certificates is to obtain a Competency Certificate.

1. The Competency Certificate is obtained through the SAPS

2. This does not require any tests, but requires:

a. The completion of the form SAPS 517 (Obtainable from the SAPS or to be downloaded from the SAPS website. Google SAPS, Select – Firearms – Forms – Number of form in language required.
b. Copies of your Proficiency Certificate/s.
c. Two colour passport photographs.
d. Copies of your ID document
e. A comprehensive motivation of why you require the respective firearms.
f. It is advisable to include any proof of ability to shoot/hunt etc you may have obtained to your application.
g. Two sets of your fingerprints will be taken by the SAPS.

The final step once the Competency Certificate has been received is to obtain the firearm of your choice.

1. Proceed to your reputable firearm dealer to select the firearm of your choice.

2. The dealership will complete and sign their portion of the SAPS271

3. Each firearm purchased will require a SAPS271 and a SAPS350a

4. A comprehensive motivation must accompany each application. (It is strongly recommended that the services of professional in this field should be considered. We can provide names of such professionals.)

5. With all forms completed in full and together with all the required documents, proceed to your local DFO (Designated Firearm Officer) in your area (Where you reside (Preferable) or where you work)

6. It is strongly recommended that you pay your local DFO a visit before you attempt the completion of any form or the obtaining of any documents, just to enquire what they will require from you as this may vary slightly from DFO to DFO. The DFO’s are very helpful and in most cases will provide you with a checklist of all their requirements. By doing this you could save yourself and the DFO some time.

We trust that this explanation will assist you with any questions you may have but feel free to contact Hillcrest Gun Shop on 031 7657947 and speak to Gavin for any further clarification.